Friday, June 9, 2023

AI Transformers for Biomedicine

Inspired by ViLBERT’s success in modeling visual-linguistic representations, new paper published in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence introduced yet another coattentional transformer block to improve image processing and three-dimensional prediction in radiology.  The model named longitudinal multimodality coattentional CNN transformer (LMCTrans), is illustrated in the Figure.

Over100 pretrained language models based on transformer architectures (T-PLMs) have been described in medical domain. 

The original transformer (introduced in "Attention is All You Need") was a breakthrough model that showed that attention could be used to effectively learn long-range dependencies in sequences.

Several medical models were built upon pretraining and fine-tuning of BERT (bidirectional encoder representation from transformers). Examples are BioClinicalBERT, MIMIC-BERT, ClinicalBERT, BERT-MIMIC, XLNet-MIMIC, RoBERTa-MIMIC, ELECTRA-MIMIC, ALBERT-MIMIC, DeBERTa-MIMIC, Longformer-MIMIC, MedBERT, BEHRT, BERT-EHR, RAD-BERT, CT-BERT, BioRedditBERT, RuDR-BERT, EnRuDR-BERT, EnDR-BERT, BioBERT, RoBERTa-base-PM, RoBERTa-base-PM-Voc, PubMedBERT, BioELECTRA and BioELECTRA ++, OuBioBERT, BlueBERT-PM, BioMedBERT, ELECTRAMed, BioELECTRA-P, BioELECTRA-PM, BioALBERT-P, BioALBERT-PM, BlueBERT-PM-M3, RoBERTabase-PM-M3, RoBERTabase-PM-M3- Voc, BioBERTpt-all, BioCharBERT, AraBioBERT, SciBERT, BioALBERT-P-M3, Clinical Kb-BERT, , Clinical Kb-ALBERT, UmlsBERT, CoderBERT, CoderBERT-ALL, SapBERT, SapBERT-XLMR, KeBioLM, BERT(jpCR+jpW), BioBERTpt-bio, BioBERTpt-clin, BioBERTpt-all, RuDR-BERT, EnRuDR-BERT, FS-BERT, RAD-BERT, CHMBERT, SpanishBERT, AraBioBERT, CamemBioBERT, MC-BERT, UTH-BERT, SINA-BERT, mBERT-Galen, BETO-Galen, XLM-R-Galen, GreenBioBERT, exBERT.

Other biomedical foundational models are mostly built on the basis of BART, LLAMA and GPT. See references for more. 


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Transformer-based Biomedical Pretrained Language Models List - Katikapalli Subramanyam Kalyan (

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